Photos of a 1942 WC51

These are a few pictures of a WC51 in Texas that I was thinking about buying that has since been sold to someone else... 

Quoting the email that Brad sent me when I asked him about the truck:

"1942 Dodge WC-51. It is not running but the engine does turn over. Looks like it used to be a former Navy truck. There is some gray under the OD paint.

It doesn't run but the engine is free. I hooked a battery up to it a couple of months ago and it does turn over. The only major rust that I can see is in the floor boards. They will have to be replaced. The body is in good shape. Just surface rust. The rear of the truck looks like someone tried to push it with something. Its dented in a little but doesn't look bad. The wood in the box will have to be replaced. The steering needs some work to it. It is very hard to turn the steering wheel.  All in all it is a solid truck."

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll put you in touch with the former owner who had the truck advertised on the Mid Kansas MVPA classifieds.

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