Stewart Warner Speedometer Gear Information
These are some JPEG's out of the Stewart Warner catalogue listing Speedometer gear reducers along with the page which lists out other gear reductions available. They were sent to me by Pete who figured that with a lot of us changing out the ring & pinions and going with bigger tires on our vehicles that it might be useful info.

Pete also said that he had talked to Paul Caudell of MARS who said that his reducers were probably Stewart Warner and that he was a distributor for SW.

Hopefully, the thumbnail versions of the pictures sent to me are large enough to be readable on most computers, if not, you can always download the photos to your machine and print them out for handy reference.

On my truck, I went with a new Datcon (same parent company as Stewart Warner) electronic programmable speedometer that not only solves the calibration problem with the tire and gear changes, but it also solved the problem of snapping the drive cable at the hard bend next to the transfer case.  One of these right angle adapters would also solve the cable breakage problem.

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