Photos of my 1953 M37 the day I first saw it...

These are a few pictures of the M37 sitting in the yard of a farmer near Huntsville, Alabama .  These are the photos that I took on the day that I first saw the truck when I rode over to see what he had for sale. 

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 

 madison1.jpg (64560 bytes)1  madison2.jpg (83868 bytes)2  madison3.jpg (79402 bytes)3  madison9.jpg (78364 bytes)4
 madison5.jpg (76569 bytes)5  madison6.jpg (85509 bytes)6  madison10.jpg (79768 bytes)7  madison4.jpg (81454 bytes)8
 madison8.jpg (80895 bytes)9  madison7.jpg (80749 bytes)10  raleigh1.jpg (78235 bytes)11 (At my home for the first time.)