Photos of my M151 Heater installation in my M37

These are a few pictures of the jeep heater that I installed in my truck.  I still have to install the defroster setup... 

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 

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Photo Caption
1 Heater installed in the truck.
2-3 Heater unit with air distribution box attached to blower outlet, angle brackets used to mount heater.
4 Wiring parts, switch, cover plate, y-tap, circuit breaker (used on actually in truck already instead of this one), resistor for low speed fan operation, power feed.
5 View of hot water hose holes drilled in panel above transmission cover with grommets installed.
6 View of hot water hose holes from the engine bay side.  Note cutting oil running down panel.
7 Hot water hose retainer clip mounted to inner fender panel.  I had to flatten back side of clip and drill a hole in it for mounting to the panel.
8 Hoses routed from firewall through retainer clip to engine. (Note the Cummins was not standard in the M37, but hose routing would basically be the same for the original flathead except one hose would go to back right corner of the cylinder head.)
9 Hot air hose and control box used in jeep (M151) to provide air for driver's feet and driver's side defrost.  One end attaches to largest outlet on air distribution box, the other clamps to the steering column with the flapper end pointed down.
10 Passenger footwell before the heater was installed.  Note bracket for fire extinguisher (non military unit) and need to touch up paint under dash edge and behind glovebox.  Also note knockout for the arctic heater kit which provided heat the the engine and batteries, but not the the occupants of the truck...

Arctic Heater Kit

Photos of Kevin's arctic heater kit which includes the radiator blanket, hot water heater (fender mounted), defroster, and controls.  Photos of the various items in the packages that he didn't open along with photos of the parts being assembled and mounted on the truck will have to wait until he gets far enough along in his restoration to install them...   This is the personnel hot water heater kit that uses hot water from the engine to heat the passenger compartment and to defrost the windshield.

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Bruce in Australia was kind enough to scan the instruction manual for the installation of the Perfection Arctic Heater Kit that is used for and I have placed those scans on the MWO page.  This is the gas fired unit that circulated warmed coolant through the engine and battery tray. Its exhaust was routed via a duct down to the "box" that surrounded the oil pan in order to assist in warming the oil as well.