2006 Fall Full Size Jeep Gathering at the Uwharrie OHVP

These are some photos that I took at the fall full size jeep gathering in the Uwharrie OHVP that is part of the Uwharrie National Forest located between Charlotte and Asheboro, North Carolina.   A couple of the guys who own full sized jeeps (most notably Tony Casey who owns the M715 in the photos) have been after me for some time to drive down in my Cummins powered USMC M37 for some trail riding and the gathering finally matched an open date on my calendar....   I had a great time.   The little Dodge managed each of the trails that I took it on with ease (even though I started the weekend a bit concerned about oil pan clearance with the front axle since I had done some rework to it the weekend before) and the hospitality of the folks participating in the event was incredible (breakfast when I pulled up on Saturday, fried turkey with trimmings for supper, advice and encouragement on running the trails, etc...).  

I'll definitely be joining these folks for more rides in the future.

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 





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Photo Description
1 Tony Casey's M715.
2-3 Cabell Garbee's M37 (Cummins 4BT powered)
4-10 Lineup of vehicles at the campsite before we motored off to the trailhead.   Will add vehicle owner's names as I learn them, managed to not take very good notes while I was taking photos... (:
11-15 BigWheelBob's bobbed deuce (cut down M35) that had just come out of the paintshop just a couple of days before he ran the trails.
16-19 Alternate views of the trucks...
20 Tony Casey's M715
21 Cabell Garbee's M37
22-24 A few more trucks including a haul rig...
25-57 Shots on the trail...   I had a heck of a time trying to drive and take photos that showed just easy of difficult each trail section was, so I gave up after a while and just enjoyed the ride...
51 Tony Casey's M715 decided that it didn't want to start after one rest stop (while we watched Bob work his bobbed deuce over an obstacle), so we had to pop the hood and play with it for a little while.   Once the coil cooled down a bit, it fired right up and continued to run like a champ the rest of the weekend.