East Coast Convoy and East Coast Rally at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD.

These are some photos that I took during the 2006 East Coast Convoy to the East Coast MV Rally held at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, MD in May 2006. The convoy consisted of military vehicles (and a few civilian ones for good measure) from WWII through the present and drivers came from as far north as Canada and from as far south as Florida with the westernmost driver hailing from Nevada.

This year, I decided to drive my M35A2C with a M105 trailer in tow.   At one point, I had been thinking about hauling my M37 on a flatbed trailer behind the duece, but I decided to take the cargo trailer with me in hopes that I could sell it at the show and cut down on the clutter in my yard some...    I left out of Raleigh with a buddy and fellow NAMPA member Chuck Bartlett riding along as my co-driver on Wednesday at noon headed for Henderson and a rendezvous with Graham from Marietta, GA.    After a short wait at the truckstop, Graham pulled in driving his military blazer and we headed up for Doswel with one stop in Richmond to pick up some stuff from a fellow Steelsoldiers member that was to be delivered at the show since he couldn't make the trip...    Got up on Thursday and had breakfast at the Denny's in Doswell and ran over to the truckstop to top up tanks and to meet up with Blake from Tidewater for the ride up to Millersville where we met up with a group from the NoVA area for the ride up to Aberdeen.  

We had a very uneventful ride up through the countryside of Virginia and Maryland and got to the meeting point in Churchville to find out that the folks in the Northern Serials had managed to get there before us (for the first time since the convoy was started), so after getting t-shirts driver introductions, and lining up the vehicles for the run to the rally, we took off for the show...

The East Coast Rally was as usual a great event with a little bit of rain to keep the heat down, a bunch of sun to let us know that summer wasn't that far away, and a lot of bargains to be made both for sellers and purchasers...   Chuck and I managed to sell a bunch of stuff (including that M105 trailer), that I wanted to clean out of my inventory, yet I managed to purchase enough stuff to make us scratch our heads pretty hard when it came time to load for the trip home...   One thing I can say again was that the food and fellowship were second to none.   

Sunday's trip back home was as uneventful as the ride up although Chuck and I did decide to make a detour over to APG in order to visit the Ordnance Museum...   Pictures of that side trip are on another page (photo page 48).    Chuck and I are already making plans for next year, as are several of the guys that I met or visited with during the trip.

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 





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Photos Caption
1 Joe Trapp's trailer parked next to my M35A2C in the vendor area.
7-13 M38, can you tell that I am getting ready to do some restoration work to mine and wanted some reference shots??
18-30 CDN M38 with a Bantam trailer very similar to the military M100 trailer, I'm taking more notes for use on my M38 and really liked such touches as the VRC radio installation method.
32, 39 Superduck
53-55 German reinactors camped near the vehicle judging/display area.
56-57 Five tons getting ready to pull out late on Saturday...
58 Tan duece and trailer loading late Saturday.