Bob Kendrick's M37

Bob Kendrick lives a few miles north of me and stopped by one afternoon to show me his latest purchase...   After talking for a while, I took a few photos of his truck and agreed to pick up some parts for him while I was at the 2006 East Coast Rally in Aberdeen.   Since then, we've gotten together at a few NCMVPA functions and I've taken a few more shots of his truck.   I'll continue to add photos of his rig as he spruces it up...

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 

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Photos Caption
1-6 Shots taken in my driveway in early March 2006.  Notice the 1100r16 Michelin XZL tires, the right hand mirror, and the slight damage to the right rear where somebody had a bad day backing.  
7-14 Shots taken at the May 2006 NCMVPA meeting at the Cary Golden Coral.   Obviously, I wanted to get some details of the CCKW top that was modified to fit on the M37 (standard military practice and was done by the military before the truck was made available to a VFD).