Commerce, Georgia 2005 Southern Power Wagon Rally

These are some photos that I took during the annual Southern Power Wagon Rally.    Held back at the original location this anniversery year.  I had a smooth ride down in the Cummins 4BT powered M37, but did manage to loose a bolt out of one of the motor mounts.   With a little help from some of the folks who had already arrived at the rally site, I had it replaced in no time flat and was out giving rides to a few folks who wanted to experience what an M37 can do with an oil burner under the hood.    A little while later, I walked over to the end of the loop trail in hopes of getting some shots of trucks making thier way through the imfamous frame twister, but my camera battery died right when everyone started to drive through...   On Saturday after everthing wound down after supper (an excellenlent feast at a local fish house served familly style with oysters, shrimp, fish, and all the fixens), I decided to drive a little ways up the road toward Raleigh in hopes of shortening the Sunday drive and found to my surprise that I was so comfortable driving that I made the entire trip home that night...

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Photo Caption
1-19 Cummins 6AT3.4 instalation in a M37.   Truck has 5.88 gears, SM465 with granny low, truck tops out at 60ish with 1100r16 Michelins.
20 Proud owner of the 6AT3.4 equiped truck standing between it and my M37 with the Cummins 4BT3.9
21 Warren taking off in his M37 for a little trailriding.
22 Dave and Rusti's M37
25 My truck serving as a prop for some conversation.
33-43 Frame flexing holes that Scott dug near the end of the loop trail.