Engine splash panels, Hood Hooks and More

These are some photos taken at the request of some other M37 owners in an attempt to show the two splash panels bolted to the frame on either side of the engine and the location of the hood hooks that hold the windshield in place when it is folded down, and of the temp sender for use with the military gauges.

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Photo Caption
1-9 Photos of the two sheet metal plates that are bolted to the bottom of the frame and to the fender support on both sides of the engine in order to keep material from being splashed or tossed up on the bottom sides of the engine.   Pretty thin metal, about a 18 or 22 gauge...
10-12 Shots of the "old style" M series temp sender with the metal connectors as used in the M37 and M38 among others.
13 Shot of the "new style" M series temp sender screwed into the head of my M38 1/4 ton truck (jeep) with the rubber connector and a pigtail adapter to allow for connection to the stock M38 wire harness with the metal connectors.    M37 installation is similar, but the mount is on the driver's side of the head instead of the passenger side as it is pictured here on a M38.  The two senders are interchangeable.
14-26 Shots showing the hooks used to hold the windshield in place when it is folded down onto the hood.   The clip with the rubber bumper has the wider spacing on the mounting screws which fit through the hood and the reinforcing channel on the underside of the hood, the spring clip has two screws that are closer spaced that also go through the hood and reinforcing channel just inboard of the clip that the hood prop rest against when the hood is raised.   The clip that is riveted to the hood for the hook to engage when the windshield is in the raised position (keep the hooks from flopping about) is riveted only through the hood and is in front of the reinforcing channel.