2004 Raleigh Veterans' Day Parade

These are some photos that I took before and after the 2004 Raleigh Veterans' Day parade and during the lineup of vehicles during the speeches by the dignitaries.    Although I had been scheduled to have veterans riding in both the M37 and M35A2C, our being a little bit late arriving at the assembly area coupled with the physical condition of some of the veterans combined to place them in convertibles.    The parades' grand marshal,  a local TV anchorman who is a Vietnam Veteran, did ride in the M38 at the head of the parade as planned.   Other photos taken during the parade may be found on the NCMVPA website.

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Photo Caption
1 Bryan and his boys getting ready to head out to the parade in my '51M38.    They were tasked with providing transportation to Larry Stogner of WTVD TV11, a local TV anchor and Vietnam Veteran, who was serving as the parades' grand marshal.
2 Chuck loading his family into the back of my '83M35A2C.
3 Chuck posing with his family at the back of my '83M35A2C before heading out toward the parade.   Chuck served in the First Persian Gulf War.
4 '51M38 parked on side of street after parade as a Huey belonging to the local chapter of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association is secured in the background.
5 Amnon's M35A2 pulling into the parking lot after the parade (with Amnon's Blazer following) for the short wait until we could move into our display position for the speeches.
6 Andy's Ferret waiting to move into position for the speeches.
7 Cabell's M35A2C waiting to move into position for the speeches while Chuck and his family went looking at the other vehicles.
8 Amnon's M35A2.
9 Amnon's Blazer.
10-11 Andy's Ferret.
12 Helicopter belonging to the local chapter of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
13 Unhooking the observation helicopter from its tow vehicle.
14 Another Helicopter shot.
15 Front end of the lineup of NCMVPA vehicles on the curb next to the State Capital Square during the speeches and F15E flyover.
16 Shot from in the street as bystanders repositioned themselves prior to the ceremony.
17 M35A2C waiting for the ceremony to begin.
18 M37 waiting for the ceremony to begin.