Monteagle Southern Power Wagon Rally 2004

These are some photos that I took during the 2004 Southern Power Wagon Rally held in Monteagle, TN by Dave and Rustie.  I managed to loose high range in my transmission around Asheville, NC but went on to the rally anyway and had a great time.   The camera starting acting up on me the first day, so there are only a few photos of the trial ride on Friday afternoon and of some of the trucks in the parking lot...   Got back home with no other problems to my truck and I had a great time, so I can truly say that it was a wonderful weekend.

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Photo Caption
1 My truck (on the right) parked next to a stock M37 at the parking lot upon my arrival at the rally.
2-3 Line up of trucks in the parking lot at lunchtime on Friday.  Number of trucks attending the event about doubled before Saturday night...
4 Radiator cover on a M37.
5 W500
6-12 Shots taken out the window of my M37 while driving around a clear cut about ten miles from the hotel on Friday afternoon.   I kept saying that if the W500 could sneak between two trees, so could I...
13 W500 after I pulled it off a ridge where it had gotten high centered on its gas tank skid plates.  Truck didn't want to go into gear, nor would its PTO engage.  After some work (PTO got pulled) it was found out that the third gear synchronizer had broken and the pieces had jammed the transmission and PTO.    Truck reportedly shifted much better the rest of the weekend when the pieces had been removed than it had the prior week when it was driven home after being purchased near Detroit...
14-15 Rustie getting her camera out of her M37 while some of the guys in the trialride discuss the events of the day...
16 Scoping out the transmission on the W500 prior to pulling the PTO and the cover plates.
17 My truck resting after winching the W500 of the ridge where it had gotten stuck.
18-22, 24, 25 Photos taken in the rain at the lower cost motel up the street from the rally hotel of John's modified M37 built to Israeli Defense Forces specifications.   Truck has smallblock, NV4500, AC/PS/PB and insulated cab along with a host of other "tweaks".  
23 M116 generator trailer behind John's M37 with the swivel assembly from a swivel frame Power Wagon as cargo.