2004 East Coast Convoy and Rally

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Photo Caption
1 Shot of me (Cabell Garbee) leaning against the front of my M35A2C taken in the grassy vendor area at Ripken Stadium.
2 Shot of Carter standing behind his M37 just before starting his BigElectric hot dog cookout.  Carter parked his M37 behind my M35A2C and fed everyone who made it by.   His truck is one that he originally drove while in the National Guard and later purchased after it had done Civil Defense Duty...
Photos 1 and 2 where taken by Kevin who is a member of the BigElectric M37 forum.
3-8 Photos of the 2004 East Coast Convoy's arrival in the paved section of the 2004 East Coast Rally at Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen.   Convoy entered the rally site and made a big loop around the paved vendor and display area before most participants headed up the hill to the grassy vendor and free camping areas.
Photos 3-8 where taken by Steve from Statesville
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Photo Caption
9, 10 Cabell Garbee's 1984 AM General M35A2C parked in the yard in Raleigh, NC ready to head north for the Convoy and Rally.
11 Photo of some of the Yellow Serial vehicles parked in the Best Western parking lot next door to Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA.   A bunch of the convoy participants from south of Richmond drove up on Wednesday and spent the night at the hotel
12, 13 Yellow Serial members lined up at the Golden Coral parking lot in Aberdeen waiting for the arrival of the rest of the East Coast Convoy.
15 Carter Davidson's M37
21, 32 1968 Kaiser Jeep M35a2 w/w jointly owned by Kenny Reed and his father Dave Reed or Elkton, MD own.
24 Kenny Reed and Dave Reed's M35A2 on the right of the picture just behind Joe Trapp's M35a2 and M105 trailer
42, 43 View out the front window of my truck at the rear of Sonny's rig (with the Airstream) on our way form the East Coast Convoy merge location at the Golden Corral to the East Coast Rally at Ripken Stadium.
60-62 M152 that belongs to Denis Mengele, treasurer of the WACBGMVT, the club that organizes and hosts the rally.
68-72 Harold Frazee of Manahawkin, NJ's 1952 M38 with a 1951 M100 trailer.  They have both been restored by Harold over a period of a few years.  Both have won first in their class 3 years running at the show.   This year, Harold also won the peoples choice award.
73, 74, 76, 77 Tom Bauer of  Eldersburg, Maryland's M791 Ford 8 x 8 which was for sale for $9500 at the rally (and is available as of May 27, 004)
78-80 John Tennis' XM35A4 4x4 deuce that he construced from a M35A2.  Truck utilizes a M105 cargo trailer bed in place of the stock bed.
81, 82 M37 that belongs to Denis Mengele and a M43 ambulance that belongs to Peter Lee.
87 M43 that belongs to Peter Lee of the WACBGMVT, the host club for the rally.
75, 89 Tom Bauer's Catapillar powered duece that is featured on his website at: http://ccpl.carr.org/~milveh/trucka8.html
90, 91 DUKW that belongs to Tom Buonaugurio, WACBGMVT member.
92-99 Bjorn Brandstedt's "super duece" being used to set a trailer into the back of Sonny's M35.  Bjorn's truck was a M49 gas tanker until he drove it home from North Carolina, removed the tank, installed the flatbed and the knuckleboom, and started to upgrade and enhance it...  Photo 96 shows detail of added DOT lighting and back up lights.
100-104 Super nice reproduction M37 tailgates from Sheldon at JeepPanels Plus.   
105-107 View of Cabell Garbee's 1980 AMGeneral M35A2C looking lonely on Saturday evening...
108 Sonny Heath's M35 with the Airstream trailer at the rest stop on I95 just north of Richmond, VA on his way home to Florida.
109, 110 Bjorn Brandstedt and his son Adrien work at removing the generator from Sonny's Airstream just north of Richmond, VA on the way home.   The frame extension holding the generator started to give way, so the generator was relocated to the back of Sonny's M35A2 for the rest of his trip home to Florida.
111 One of the NCMVPA members who had really wanted to be in the convoy managed to get himself deployed to Iraq, so we sent him a convoy t-shirt...    Chris replied "I received the convoy T-shirt in the mail last week, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having it. Thank you so much for it.   I've attached a picture of me wearing it. I was going to try to get a better picture, but I would look pretty much the same, so I figured I would go ahead and send this one since I'm not getting any younger or better lookin'. My first sergeant took the picture for me on the roof of the house we live in here in Baghdad. The house behind me took a missile during the war, but the destruction you see now is from the teardown of the house."  Hopefully, Chris will be able to join us in person for the 2005 East Coast Convoy, meanwhile, we are wishing him well...