Photos of the Brake Lock and Driveshaft De-Clutch for a Maintenance Truck.

These are some photos were sent to my by a member of the BigElectric M37 forum showing the brake lock and driveshaft de-clutch setup that are installed on his truck that used to have the contract maintenance body (with the pto powered welder/generator mounted) on it.   The brake lock looks a lot like a Mico Lock model 620...

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer or will pass them on to the owner of the truck. 

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Photo 1 Brake lock activation switch and data plate.
Photo 2 Hydraulic brake lock on line to rear axle.
Photos 3-4 Driveshaft de-clutch unit.
Photo 5 Data plate instructing use of brake lock when engaging de-clutch mechanism (which makes sense considering that the mechanical parking brake is mounted on the back of the transfer case as seen in the upper left corner of photo 3).