Photos of the M35A2.

These are some photos that I took of a M35A2 that I purchased from a friend's father-in-law down in South Carolina.  Than plan was to have the cargo cover and troop seats removed andto have a 1025 gallon poly tank and pump system installed so that the it can serve as a water truck on another friend's farm in Virginia.  The data plates on the dash indicates that the truck was built by AMGeneral and was used by the Air Force.   The truck is a dropside model with an air shift front axle, heater, and hardtop.   After having agreed to purchase this truck and converting it into a water tanker for use by a friend on his farm, I decided that I liked it too much to let it go, so I decided to purchase another M35 to convert for his use and to keep this truck.  I have a separate section of the website devoted to this truck and to the one that I ultimately pruchased and converted into a water tanker that can be reached here.

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 

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Photos 1-3 Shots of the truck parked at Phil's house the morning that I went down to pick it up.
Photos 4-6 Shots of the truck in my driveway the day after I got the truck.
Photos 7-8 Shots of the M35 behind my M37 (my view upon stepping out the front door).
Photos 9-10 Shots taken of the truck in the driveway with a little snow and sleet on it left over from a storm the first week of January 2004.
Photos 11-14 Shots taken at the Cary Golden Coral on January 10th when I drove it over for our regular monthly NCMVPA meeting (delayed a week since the first weekend was the New Year's Holiday...).  Blazer in photo 13 belongs to the club president and helps give some scale to the truck.

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