2003 ATHS shows in Spencer and Greensboro

These photos where taken at the 2003 ATHS (American Truck Historical Society) shows held in Spencer at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in September and at the NAPA Warehouse in Greensboro in November.   The Piedmont Carolina Chapter of the ATHS has been very supportive of the NCMVPA and has graciously set aside prime parking areas at their shows for us to display our MV's since the formation of the NCMPA. 

The September show in Spencer had the largest turnout of military vehicles at any single event attended by the NCMVPA in North Carolina to date with thirteen present at the show.   Unlike the 2002 show, the weather forecast leading up to the show was for perfect weather, and we actually did have a picture perfect day...

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These photos where taken at the Piedmont Carolina ATHS Winter Show hosted by NAPA at their Greensboro Warehouse on November 1, 2003.  It was a pretty day but the show itself was a little weird in that folks seemed to be arriving all day long, and folks seemed to be leaving all day long as well...  If you spotted an antique truck that you wanted to look at, you had to go look at it because ten minutes later it might have left, but something else would have arrived to take its parking place.  We didn't have a large number of NCMVPA member vehicles in attendance compared to the Spencer show two months earlier, but we did have a bunch of first time trucks on display.  

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Photos 21-23 Mark Burrough's Ford GPW
Photo 24 My USMC M37 with the Cummins 4BT in the background, a basically stock (some VFD modifications) in the foreground.
Photo 25-26 Shots of the driver's side of Steve Hill's M109 shop van.
Photos 27-28 Shots of the racks inside Steve's shop van.  Racks held repair and technical manuals among other items...
Photo 29 Evan's Unimog right as he arrived.  Unloading was done by driving the Mog off the trailer an up the bank.
Photo 30 Lester's Mule on the back of his forward control Jeep.
Photos 31-37 A small sampling of the ATHS trucks parked near our MV display...
Photo 32 1962 Make H67 owned by Loye Mason of Chapel Hill, NC.  The truck and motor home trailer where for sale.  The 1974 Monon camper trailer had an asking price of $10,000 on it, I didn't spot the asking price of the tractor...