Steve's '53 M37 Restoration.

These are some shots that Steve sent me of his '53 M37 restoration project.  He stated that he has owned it for about
one year now and has been enjoying driving it so much that he just recently started the restoration. As you can see from the pictures he is rebuilding the truck on another rolling frame. The original frame had several welded repairs and attachments for a snow plow, so he decided to use one in better condition and swap the parts over as he proceeded.  

If you have questions about any of these photos, send Steve an email.  If you have any questions about the page or anything on the rest of this site, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer...

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Photo Caption
1-5, A Fall 2002 update photos
1 '53 M37 before restoration commences.
2 Donor frame in Rustoleum Metal Primer after frame had been blasted to white metal.
3-4 Finish paint shown is Beechwood Canvas' OD Semi Gloss that matches the M38 in photo A.
5 Moving things around is an easy one man job with everything on roller dollies.
6-10 January 2003 update photos
6, 7, 9 New wiring, shocks, fuel and vent lines installed. 
8 The engine.
10 Old clutch disc.  Believe it or not the clutch disc was still working when Steve stopped using it in the fall. He had a slight vibration at initial takeoff, but did not damage the flywheel or pressure plate.
11-13 Engine and electrical items installed.  May 2003 update photos.
14-18 June 2003 update photos.  Note that the generator to regulator cable was refurbished by using heat shrink tubing over the old cracked insulation.
19-22 July 2003 update photos.
23-25 Progress pictures from the beginning of September 2003. Road test went well. In final stages now. The
total restoration will have taken one year as of next month.
26-30 October progress photos showing new sand colored canvas and an interior shot. Troop seats are next on the "to do" list.  Great photo location.
31-37 November 10, 2003.  Done at last. Note that the pictures 31-34 were taken before adding the extra bows for the cargo cover. Wood is redwood with Spar-urethane coating.
38-41 December 1, 2003.  Here's a couple more shots. To get ready for next weekend's parade Steve had some stars made out of magnetic sign material. Total cost was $65.00. They stay attached just fine at 45 MPH and look real sharp. The sign guy said that he shouldn't have a problem below 100 MPH.
42-45 Steve sent me these photos in late August 2004.   He said that he had been busy building the gun for the M37...  It looks like the M37 wasn't aggressive enough as it was for commuter traffic...
A-E M38. Steve reports that it is very reliable and a real blast to drive in the summer.  He also says that parts are a little more expensive than the M37 but are still pretty available.