M37 Antenna Mount and Custom Bed Bow Storage.

These are some shots that I took while installing the antenna on to my M37.  The antenna base and aerial where gifts from a co-worker.  I obtained the scoop mount and spacer from Gerry on the BigElectric M37 forum.  The scoop mount is the correct one to use with the base that I have that was used on trucks starting in Vietnam.  I didn't quite line the mount up with the knock out on the bed that is used with the earlier design triangular mount that is used with the three part antenna and base used with the trucks in Korea and later since I wanted more clearance with the canvas tie down clip (and I thought it looked better...).

You can also see from the photos of the antenna installation and from some extras that I took that I have fabricated a custom bed bow storage setup...  I have the straps installed on the truck for stowing the bows in the correct manner (lying across the front of the bed), but I prefer them to stand up at the front of the bed similar to the setup used to store the bows on my M101 trailer.  By installing some extra M101 trailer bow storage pockets, I am able to rack the rear bows right behind the front bow and avoid scratching my bed side paint.  The ridge pole is bolted to the outside of the side racks using the prethreaded hole in the center rack support.  You can notice in the photos that the storage pocket holes didn't quite line up with my bed side wood, so I installed a spacer block in order to have something to screw into. 

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer...

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Photo Caption
1-4 Spacer block used to more the antenna out from the bed side so that it will not rub against the bed edge or the canvas.  You can see the knock-out for the earlier antenna design beside the top left mounting bolt.
5 Shots of the reinforcing plate on the inside of the bed.
6-9 Scoop mount used for Vietnam and later style antenna bases.
10-12 Mount attached to the spacer block on the truck.  Notice the rubber insulation ring placed before adding the base.
13-16 Antenna base.  Note stock bed bow storage strap flipped up out of the way during antenna installation.
17-20 Antenna mounted to the base (it just screws on to the top) showing just hall tall the setup is. 
21-27 Antenna pulled back for traveling using the tie down clip and rope. 
A-F Shots of the M101 bow storage pockets that I installed in order to be able to rack my bed bows in a vertical position for storage instead of putting them across the front of the bed as one is supposed to do.