NCMVPA Veterans Day 2002.

These are some shots that I took at the NCMVPA Lunch at the Golden Corral in Cary, North Carolina on a slightly damp Veterans' Day.  We had three military vehicles show up and participate in the event with several other members attending without vehicles.  We had a great time talking to folks who came by the restaurant.  A big hit was Andy's Ferret, and you can tell from the number of photos that I took that it made an impression with me as well.

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer...

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Photo Caption
1-16 Andy's Ferret.
5-6 Dunlop 900x16 tires (same size that is fitted to the M37).
9 Rolls Royce engine.
10-11 Demonstrating that the hand crank really can be used to start the engine.
17-18, 20 Amnon's and Cabell's M35 and M37 respectively.
19 Rear view of my M37.
21-22 Two more shots of Amnon's M35.