Shots of the M37 at various locations during the Fall and Winter of 2002 and Spring 2003.

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 

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Photo Caption
1-4 Photos of the truck in my parent's driveway, September 2002.
5-8 Photos of the truck at Graves Mountain Lodge in Virginia, October 2002 before the leaves turned...
9-14 Cleaning up the last of the debris from the December 6 ice storm in mid January 2003.  I didn't think of getting the camera out until late, so I don't have any photos of the fully loaded truck (got too dark on this last load for a shot), but I was loading it up to the bows for each trip. 
15-16 The morning after the ice storm that caused the debris that is being cleaned up in photos 9-14.
17-19 Shots in the yard after the ice storm.  Note that neither the trailers not the parts truck got damaged...
20 Shot taken in Jonathan's driveway when I went over to look at his M37 in September after we had gone by a local junkyard to pull some parts for his truck.   Shots of his truck are on photo page fourteen.
21 My M37 with M101A1 trailer as part of the NCMVPA contingent at the Greensboro Navy Reserve Family Day on June 8, 2003 waiting for the reservists and their families to arrive for a day of fun and food.
22 Joe Trapp's M35 at Family Day.
23 Ken Grantham's CJ5 at Family Day sporting the backside of a NCMVPA convoy sign...
24 Backside of Joe's M35 and my M37 with Greensboro Fire Department trucks in background at Family Day.
25 Line up of CJ5 with M35 and M37/M101A1 at Family Day.
26 Greensboro Fire Department trucks at Family Day with my M37 front end sneaking into the photo...