ATHS/NCMVPA Spencer 2002.

These are some shots that I took at the ATHS Fall Show at the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, North Carolina on a rainy September day.  We had six trucks from the NCMVPA show up and participate in the event with several more members attending without vehicles.  I put the camera away before Frank showed up with his M35, but you can find shots of it among the ones posted on the NCMVPA website in the photo events section for this show.

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer...

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Photo Caption
1 Joe's M35.
2 The line of NCMVPA vehicles.
3 Tony's M715.
4 Cabell's M37.
5 Amnon's M35.
6 Eddie's and Zane's M151.
7 Tony's M715.
8 Joe's M35.
9 Tony's M715.
10 Amnon's M35.
11-12 Eddie's and Zane's M151.
13-14 The line of NCMVPA vehicles.
15-16 A couple of the lines of ATHS trucks.  Our hosts for the event collect and restore antique commercial trucks in an effort to preserve and honor the folks who made the trucking industry what it is today.