Photos of a M101A1 3/4 ton trailer.

These are some photos that I took of a M101A1 3/4 ton trailer that I picked up from a friend in Eastern North Carolina.  It is pictured sitting in my yard waiting for me to deliver it to another friend who lives in Virginia who is the eventual owner.  This trailer is one of the second generation 3/4 ton trailers that was designed to be towed behind the M37 and was updated from the M101 by the addition of a stabilizing leg on the rear of the trailer and a different parking brake handle arrangement (still two handles, but of a different type).  The trailer went through an overhaul at Tooele Army Depot in October 1986.  It was set up as a generator trailer and was well cared for before it was sold at auction to a dealer who wanted the generator but not the trailer.   The item in the bed is my military tow bar with adapters to fit the M37 lifting shackle mounts.

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 

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I towed this trailer behind my M37 when I participated in the 2003 East Coast Convoy to the 30th Annual East Coast MV Rally in Churchville Maryland on May 8, 2003.  Prior to departing for the trip, I took the wheels off, cleaned, inspected, and regreased the wheel bearings.  I also changed the taillights from the current composite model to the earlier M561 Gama Goat lights with the full red lenses so that it would match my truck.   As you can tell from the photos, the wheels and hubs are the same as those used on the M37.  The brakes are different since they are mechanical, but the shoes are the same.  The hub hardware differs from the truck in that the outer locking nut on the axle has a flange that makes it easier to get the threads started and the cover plate that takes the place of the drive flange or axle end does not have provisions for puller screws...  Servicing the bearings is the same as doing the job on the truckk.

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