Photos of my trips to Frank's place...

These are photos of various vehicles and MV related items that I have taken while visiting Frank at his place in Eastern North Carolina.  Frank is is retired from active duty in the USMC...

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer or will put you in touch with the truck's owner. 

These are some photos that I took when I went to Frank's to pick up a M101A1 3/4 ton trailer for a buddy and some stuff for my collection in 2002.

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Photo Caption
1-2 Tires on Frank's M37.  Notice how narrow the lugs are.  I think these may be referred to as "sand" tires...
3 Flag mount on the end of the bumpers on Frank's M37 installed during active duty.
4-6 Shots of Frank's M37.
7-8 International fire trucks.
9-13 Frank's M38A1.
14-15 My M37 hooked up to the M101A1 that I was picking up.
16-20 Shots of the airborne CCKW 2.5 ton truck (WWII) that eventually made it to Norway and back to Frank.  Notice that the frame bolts together between the battery box and gas tank for transport (photo 19)...

These are photos that I took or that Frank sent me in October of 2003.

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21-23 1945 International FFN Crash Truck after the repaint...  Also seen in photo 7 above before paint...
24 Dodge WC
25-28 USMC water cans with markings.  Notice that the cubic volume and weight are included...
29-31 Airmobile CCKW that is pictured in photos 16-20.  Truck now sports stencils and top bows.  Has complete canvas although not all of the canvas was mounted the day I visited. 
32 M715 that belongs to one of Frank's in-laws...
33-34 "Beater" M37 that has a good engine and drivetrain underneath...
35-36 USMC M101 3/4 ton trailer with photo showing detail (in shadow) of the tie down loop.
37-38 Military hard cab for a M37 that has a larger rear window as installed by a VFD.
39-44 USMC M37shown in photos 1-6 above now sporting a more appropriate paint/stencil job.  Tailgate shown on the truck is being dry fitted to insure new hinge pipe fits properly before rust repair and painting begin.