Photos of my 1953 M37 and the Cummins 4BT

These are a few pictures of the Cummins still sitting on the Chevy bread van frame section as it looked when I dropped it in the back yard.  Also included are a few photos of the M37 while I was working on the engine swap. 

If you have questions about any of these photos, send me an email and I'll try to provide an answer. 

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Photo Caption
1-4 Shots of the Cummins sitting on the front of the Chevy step van frame as it was dropped in my backyard.
5 Co-Op Grip Spur tire (900x16) that I purchased at the Syria, Virginia Southern States (Orange-Madison Co-Op)
6 Shot showing the 2" block mounted between the axle and spring pack for portion of lift need to clear oil pan.
7-9 A few shots showing that the hood would close with the Cummins sitting in the frame...
10-11 A couple of shots of the engine mount bracket that was bolted to the inside of the frame at the shock mount bracket location using longer bolts in the shock mount.
13 Note temporary engine mounts.  Used to spot engine in truck, replaced with units having rounded corners...
14 Note the horizontal mount for the oil filter.  Bread van application is one of the few where Cummins installs a horizontal mount.  It can be converted to a vertical mount by changing a few pieces of the oil cooler setup.  Note also that the engine uses same filter mount as on the six cylinder model, so you can use the longer filter if you wish.
15 Power steering pump located under fuel injector pump.
16 Holset turbo with starter underneath.
17 Pieces of the exhaust cut from the donor bread van lying under the truck so I can see how to cut them to fit.
19 Fuse block with common power bus installed on voltage regulator bracket.   Used with new circuits (engine fan, wipers, starter switch).
20 View of the Chevy bellhousing, Ranger OD, New Process transmission combination
21 Routing of power feed wiring for wipers on the driver's side.
22 Routing of the ground wire for the wipers on the passenger side.
23 Bosch VE rotary injection pump.
24 Note that previous owner used a bolt instead of the shear pin in the winch...

Added the following photos below since they didn't seem to fit in anywhere else on the website...  They show the clearance mods made to get the oil pan on the Cummins to clear the front differential.  Note that a full length spring was added to the front pack, two inch block was added (welded to the spring pad on the axle with a longer bolt through the springs going down through the block into the index hole in the axle pad), and the cut down oil pan.  Clearance between the pan and the differential is around 2.75 inches vertically, but the edges of the pan and the differential case aren't quite in line...

m37oilpan1.jpg (394665 bytes) 25 m37oilpan2.jpg (384280 bytes) 26 m37oilpan3.jpg (374180 bytes) 27  


Added the following photos in February 2005 when I was asked to provide some fitment data so that a buddy could install a Cummins 4BT into his M37...  My only improvement idea was to shift the engine back a half inch or so to increase the space between the engine and radiator to make changing the belt easier...

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