Photo Pages

Photo Page A Shots of the M37 when I first saw it on the farm near Huntsville, Alabama.
Photo Page One Shots of the Cummins and the M37 when I started the engine swap.  Also has shots showing how it all fits into the truck...
Photo Page Two Miscellaneous photos of my 1953 M37 taken in October 2001.
Photo Page Three Shots of the M37 at Nags Head on New Year's Day and in Raleigh's January 3, 2002 snow.
Photo Page Four Shots of the 1950 B2 PW126 that I sold before I started restoration since I liked the M37 more...
Photo Page Five Shots of some spare Michelin 1100r16 XL tires behind the shed and other tires used on M37's such as my Co-Op Grip Spurs, McCreary Super Lugs, and military NDT's.
Photo Page Six Shots of the M151 heater that I installed in the M37 after driving to the beach one New Year's and photos of an Arctic Heater Kit in the original packaging and as installed on Murph's M37 along with a scan of the arctic heater kit installation manuall.
Photo Page Seven Shots of a the canvas on my truck and of a canvas M37 winterfront (radiator cover) sent to me by Bruce from the BigElectric forum.
Photo Page Eight Tilton remote Master Cylinder setup used for the clutch.
Photo Page Nine Pictures of the 1960 M101 Trailer I purchased on January 26, 2002.
Photo Page Ten Pictures of a 1942 WC-51 that I was thinking about purchasing at one time...
Photo Page Eleven Pictures of my right hand mirror assembly.
Photo Page Twelve Pictures taken on the way to and at the 2002 Thomson Rally at Cedar Rock Farm
Photo Page Thirteen Pictures of the USAF R2 Crash Truck and the USMC MB2 Crash Truck versions of the M37.
Photo Page Fourteen Pictures of Jonathon's M37 during his rebuild and restoration.
Photo Page Fifteen Pictures of MV's in Eastern North Carolina at FrankUSMC's
Photo Page Sixteen Pictures of the M101A1 trailer that I picked up from one friend to sell to another...
Photo Page Seventeen NCMVPA Meetings and events that are not on other pages...
Photo Page Eighteen Pictures of the transmission combination in my M37 including the Ranger OD and Gil's NV5600.
Photo Page Nineteen Pictures of a M38A1 "Follow Me" truck at March Air Field Museum.
Photo Page Twenty Pictures taken at the ATHS/NCMVPA Fall 2002 show in Spencer, NC.
Photo Page 21 Pictures taken of my truck at various locations during the Fall and Winter of 2002 and Spring 2003.
Photo Page 22 Pictures taken at the ATHS/NCMVPA NAPA 2002 show in Greensboro, NC.
Photo Page 23 Pictures taken at the NCMVPA Veterans' Day 2002 lunch in Cary, NC.
Photo Page 24 Pictures of the radio antenna mount on my M37 and my custom bed bow storage setup.
Photo Page 25 Pictures of Steve's ongoing restoration of his '53 M37 (rebuilding it on a second frame...).
Photo Page 26 Pictures of Matt's ongoing installation of a Cummins 6BT into his M37 (and other upgrades)
Photo Page 27 Pictures taken of the 2003 East Coast Convoy and at the Churchville Rally that the convoy went to.
Photo Page 28 Photos of Dike's 1951 M37 that was sold in August 2003.
Photo Page 29 2003 ATHS/NCMVPA September Spencer and November Greensboro shows.
Photo Page 30 Photos of the NCMVPA participants in the 2003 Cary Christmas parade.
Photo Page 31 Photos of the M35A2 that I purchased to fix up for a friend to use on his farm in Virginia but ended up deciding to keep...
Photo Page 32 Photos of the Brake Lock and Drivshaft De-Clutch setup used on the maintenance version of the M37.
Photo Page 33 Photos and description of the seatbelts that I installed in the M37.
Photo Page 34 Photos of the 2004 East Coast Convoy and the East Coast Rally at Ripken Stadium
Photo Page 35 Pictures of Ed's restoration of his USAF M37.
Photo Page 36 Pictures taken during the 2004 Southern Power Wagon Rally at Mounteagle, TN.
Photo Page 37 Pictures taken during the 2004 Veterans Day Parade in Raleigh, NC
Photo Page 38 Pictures taken during the 2004 Holly Springs and Cary Christmas parades.
Photo Page 39 Photos of the Engine splash panels, Hood Hooks, Temp. Sender and such...
Photo Page 40 Photos taken at the Commerce, Georgia 2005 Southern Power Wagon Rally including a M37 with a Cummins 6AT3.4.
Photo Page 41 Pioneer Tool Rack (and tools) along with tool specifications.
Photo Page 42 Shots taken at the East Coast Rally in Aberdeen, MD in May 2005 and of the East Coast Convoy on the way to the Rally.

Photo Page 43

Shots of Bob Kendrick's M37.

Photo Page 44

Tag trailer for use behind a 5 ton military truck (useful for hauling a M37 around...).

Photo Page 45

Shots taken at the East Coast Rally in Aberdeen, MD in May of 2006 and of the East Coast Convoy on the way to the Rally.

Photo Page 46

Shots taken during the 2006 Raleigh Veterans' Day Parade and Ceremony.

Photo Page 47

Shots of a Blue '52 M37 with winch that I purchased for resale or for parts to restore my XM708.

Photo Page 48

2006 Fall Full Size Jeep Gathering at the Uwharrie OHVP.

Photo Page 49

2006 Fall NCMVPA Show at Propts Crossroads VFD.
Stencils Pictures taken during and after the application of markings to my M37.
Miscellaneous Pictures sent to me of M37's out in the field and other photos that didn't seem to fit on other pages.
Door Mounted Spare Pictures taken of the door mounted spare tire bracket showing mounting locations.
Guntrucks Pictures taken of the M37 based guntrucks OttoII, Mr. Nice, and Wild Honey, as welll as some of thier big brothers.   Also includes some photos of M151, M37, and other vehicles and equipment photographed "in country".
Sale Page Miscellaneous items that I have for sale.  Will return in the future...