M37 Parts Suppliers

A B Linn Inc. M-37, M-715, jeep parts. 7022 Jones Road, Salisbury, NC 28147.
704-637-9076. ablinn@salisbury.net

Sam Werner. NOS & take-off parts for all jeeps and M-37, other trucks & trailers. Since 1947. Box 327, Tracy City, TN 37387. 931-592-3601, 931-592-3602, 931-592-9125 fax. wernerequip@blomand.net

Delk's Army Navy Surplus, M37, M715, M35, M151, Generators, 4705 US Hwy 64 West, Asheboro, NC 27203,

Saturn Surplus, Large inventory of M-880 and other late model M-series parts, electrical. 3298 Rt. 147 North, Millersburg, PA 17061. 717-692-9500, 717-692-2170 fax. saturn@saturnsurplus.com

Sid Beck, (Ace Surplus). M-37 parts. Victoria Texas.  361-573-3276, g741@tisd.net.

Rick Larson Military Stencils, Supplier of high quality stencils and decals for military markings.  PO Box 361, Otis, MA 01253.  Phone 413-269-0058, fax 413-269-0059.  milstencil@aol.com

MARS, Military Acquisition, Restoration, and Supply, Supplier of 4.89 gears, Lock Right lockers and other hardware for upgrading the driveline of M37, M715, and Power Wagons.  Supplied the Hercules diesel repower kits.  Nashville, Indiana, 812-988-2330, mars@kiva.net

Portrayal Press sells high quality reproduction manuals for the M37 and just about all the other military vehciles that folks can obtain.: http://www.portrayal.com/ PO Box 1190N, Andover, NJ 07821, USA  (973) 579-5781, FAX (973) 579-5781.

Military Media provides CD ROM's with compilations of military manuals on them in PDF form where the pages can be printed out for reference when working on a vehicle.   http://www.military-media.com/ 1-800-433-6214, or 1-610-268-5077, FAX 1-610-268-0466, 7454 Lancaster Pike, Suite 321, Hockessin, DE  19707, USA.


Bay Area Amusements. http://www.bayareaamusements.com/    24 volt lightbulbs at prices much better than a lot of local auto parts houses.


Specific contacts for selected tire dealers can be found on Photo Page 5 along with photos of different tires mounted on the stock rims used on civilian and military Power Wagons.

General info about tires, rims, bed wood dimensions, heater install, turn signal install, painting, diesel conversions, etc. can be found at www.garbee.net/~cabell

Also see the Links page for more parts suppliers and for web site links for the ones above that have pages.

New Life Resource Management, Canvas for Military Vehicles, 418 N. Main Street, PO Box 176, Bakersfield, VT 05441, voice 802-827-6124, fax 802-827-3660, nlrm@together.net  Contact is Judith Peach.

WEEBEE WEBBING, Canvas for Military Vehicles, 341 Township Road 286, Richmond, Ohio 43944, 1-888-ODCLOTH (1-888-632-5684), fax: (740) 765-5357, http://www.odcloth.com/  Contact is Dave or Donna.

Wiggington Surplus, Piedmont, South Carolina. Have not delt with Elihu Wiggington personally, but hear from friends that he has always been good to deal with and had some nice stuff. His phone number is: 1-864-859-2692   Mules, M880, WWII, Korean, Vietnam era military vehicles...

Second Armor Productions:   Supplier of parts for jeeps and Dodges (M37, M38, MB/GPW, as well as M151 and others) including Denman tires.  2802 Sable Mill Rd Jeffersonville IN 47130 812-284-0282 Info,   812-284-6386 Fax, sales@secondarmored.com

Cummins and other Diesel Engines

I purchased my 4BT from The Foote in Norfolk, Mass.  Call and ask for Paul or Bryon Kass at 150 Mechanic St. Foxboro, MA 02035, 508-543-9068 v/fax or http://www.enginecom.com/cd.htm  They have a large assortment of takeout diesels, transmissions and other parts from all sizes and makes of light to heavy trucks.

I've heard good reviews about The Diesel Depot (also known as Avant Salvage). They are located in middle Georgia - Sandersville to be exact. The phone number is 1-800-553-8192.   For small engines (6.2, 6.5, 4bt, etc) ask for Jamie Avant - for big truck stuff ask for Benny (Jamie's dad). 219 Waco Dr. or P.O. Box 228, Sandersville, GA 31082 E-mail at: avasalv@mylink.net

I've also heard good reviews about Neosho Truck Parts in Neosho WI, about an hour westnorthwest of Milwaukee,
920-625-3261, ask for Mark. He, under contract, junks out all the Frito delivery trucks (at least for the midwest) all of which have 4BT's or 4BTA's.

Cummins Part Numbers

Description Number Alt. Number Alt. Number Note
Oil filter(4cyl model) Fleetguard LF3345 Baldwin BT427 Fram PH3900 Donaldson P558616
Oil filter(6cyl model) Fleetguard LF3349 Baldwin BT339   Can use on 4 cyl model
Fuel/Water Sep. FF5047 Baldwin BF1226    
Fuel FF5052 Baldwin BF788 Fram P8043  
Oil Pan Gasket 6732-21-5261  $11.57     Komatsu Part Number
Oil Pickup Gasket 6733-21-5520  $0.44     Komatsu Part Number
Water Inlet Seal 6732-61-6130  $0.40     Komatsu Part Number
Fan Belt (serpentine) 3911560     Cummins Part Number
Fan Belt (serpentine) 1257760H1 C03U     Komatsu Part Number
Oil (Orig 230 Flathead) NAPA 1100 Baldwin P53    

PeteR from the BigElectric M37 forum sent me a cross reference list of M37 parts numbers (civilian replacement parts or equivalents) for use at local parts stores.   Since it was pretty ungainly for display on this webpage and as a service for those of you who might like to print it out for use during a parts run I have converted it into a PDF version.  The file was sent to me on April 30, 2003 and any additions or corrections are appreciated and should be sent to PeteR.