MWO and Technical Info

This page has links to scanned pages of MWO (Modification Work Orders) and Technical Information Sheets not found in the "regular" TM's (Technical Manuals) for the M37 and related vehicles.  The information provided on this page has been submitted by other enthusiasts and is provided as a public service.  If you have access to other MWO or technical information that would be of benefit to others, please drop me a line.

A PDF of a drawing that can be used to fabricate the spotlight fender mount used on such versions of these trucks as the telephone maintenance truck is located here.

Buzz on the MVEmail list supplied information on mounting radios in the M-37 to so many folks that he ended up creating a web page showing the radios mounted in the rear of a friend's M-37. Don't miss the .PDF of the TM at the bottom at the bottom of his page located at:

Page with scans from TB 43-0209/Color, Markings, and Camouflage Painting of Military Vehicles, Construction Equipment and Materials Handleing
Equipment/October 1976
can be found here.  Illustrations given for M715 and M38A1 were adapted for use on M37's still in inventory.

Page with a sketch and photos of Carter's door mounted spare tire carrier that can be used to fit the door mounted spare tire carrier to a truck that didn't have one previously fitted.

Page with scanned pages of the Perfection Arctic Heater Kit Installation Manual.  This is the gas fired unit that circulated warmed coolant through the engine and battery tray. Its exhaust was routed via a duct down to the "box" that surrounded the oil pan in order to assist in warming the oil as well.

Information on the pioneer tool rack and the specifications for the tools used it located on Photo Page 41.

Click on the thumbnail of the page you want to look at.  Each MWO or Technical Information Sheet has a separate page for each page of the document...

carb1.jpg (110577 bytes) carb2.jpg (141280 bytes) Carter Carburetor Technical Sheet with exploded view of parts and info for the ETW1.


FordingA.jpg (369434 bytes) FordingB.jpg (328098 bytes) Deep Water Fording Kit list of parts and fitment locations.


LO1.jpg (112702 bytes) LO2.jpg (140683 bytes) Lubrication Order for the M37 showing location of all lubrication points on the truck and indicating the type of lubricant and service interval for each.   Keep in mind that the fluids specified most likely are superseded with higher SAE or API service ratings, but types, vicosities, and quantities are correct.


MWO1.jpg (127857 bytes) MWO2.jpg (92202 bytes) Technical Bulletin for replacement of 45 amp hour batteries in the M37 with 100 amp hour batteries.
MWO3.jpg (74218 bytes) MWO4.jpg (76498 bytes) MWO5.jpg (58628 bytes)


antstandoff.jpg (481492 bytes) Not really a MWO or a Technical Bulletin, but hopefully a useful bit of info.  Sketch is of the SC-C-189025 standoff bracket used between a scoop mount and the bed side of a M37 or M35 when mounting the MX6707 antenna base in order to prevent the base and antenna from contacting the bed side (especially the upper bed edge).

Bracket is fabricated out of 8 gauge steel (0.172" thick, 11/64", 4.37mm) and the best method to lay out the smaller diameter holes is to clamp a scoop mount to the sheet and center punch the holes.  A second rectangular plate (not shown) also made out of 8 gauge steel with outside dimensions 0.25" greater on each side having the larger six hole pattern is used on the inside of the bed for reinforcement.