Michelin Tires

UPDATE: January 21, 2004

I received the following note today concerning Michilen Tires and the MVPA deal described on this page:

The MVPA/Michelin deal is no longer available according to Sheila Taylor at Michelin.   The deal was to have ended MAR 31 2003, but was extended until APR 30 2003.  For now, with the ongoing military activity in Iraq and elsewhere, the military is getting almost their full production of the military tires, and very few if any are making it to the civilian market.  

Sheila did say that it is very possible that the deal may resume one day, after all the military action is settled down and production catches up, but it will be some time in the not-too-near future.  She has received several calls inquiring about the MVPA deal, and asked that this information be distributed with an update posted on this page about the MVPA/Michelin deal.  


The Original Deal that is NO LONGER IN EFFECT:

One of the participants on the BigElectric M37 forum has been working with Lee Holland of the MVPA and Roger Handren of Michelin to put together a deal that will allow members of the MVPA to purchase military specification Michelin tires at a discount from their local Michelin dealer.

The following is the information given to Gary at the end of March 2002, by Roger Handren who is the military tire representative for Michelin. This is the program that they are running between April 1,2002 through March 31,2003.

Michelin is offering to sell their 1100x16 XL radial NEW through their dealer network to identified MVPA members for $300.25 each with NO SHIPPING, you just pick them up at any local dealer.  This is the same tire that the United States Government pays $360 each for them and that's the present price if you order them from a dealer who will bother to find them.

Questions about the program or these tires can be e-mailed to Roger Handren directly at: roger.handren@us.michelin.com.  If you have problems getting in touch with Roger, you might try his assistant Sheila Taylor at sheila.taylor@us.michelin.com.   If you are at the tire shop or don't have access to email when you really need to talk to them, their direct numbers are 800-422-1682 ext 86034 for Sheila and 800-422-1682 ext 86968 for Roger. A buddy recently reported (January 2003) that when he was trying to place an order with a dealer who was having difficulties and Roger was out sick that Sheila was very nice and helpful.

Other tires may be offered through this program as well.

Tires that are available using the Michelin/MVPA program are:
11.00R16 XL MSPN 64618
9.00R16 XL MSPN 07576
325/85R16 XML MSPN 37984
335/80R20 XZL MPT MSPN 70803
395/85R20 XML MSPN 32764
14.00R20 XL MSPN 12876

To use this program you must be a "Qualified User" which has been defined by Michelin as all those "associated with the MVPA."  You may purchase the tires through any local Michelin authorized dealer.  The dealer has to order the tires on Form "GS"(Sales Support Claim- Item # MIE40186) and "MVPA 2002"  MUST appear on all sales support documents

Prices including delivery to the local dealer are:

9.00x16 $257.50
11.00X16 $300.25
14.00x20 $525.75

325/85R16 $387.50
395/85R20 $740.75

335/80R20 $300.25

Not part of the Michelin/MVPA tire deal, but a good find on some 900r16 XZL tires was discovered by Randy on the dodgepowerwagon.com forum.  He contacted Bill's tires in Pacheco, CA, (ph 925.689.2678) in March 2002, and found out that he's got about 800 in his stock. He said that would probably last about a month. They are brand new tires (never been used but they have been sitting on a shelf for about 3-4 years) for $165 each plus tax and shipping.  On May 22, 2002, Randy reported that Bill's Tire Supply in Pacheco, CA had access to 63 Michelin 9.00 X 16 XL's. These are brand new tires and the price is reported to be $190.00 including the federal tax.

Ryan on the dodgepowerwagon.com forum posted that "another spot to try for new Michelins is Kal Tire. They have a web site that lists all their locations. They are all Canandian but he is pretty sure that they will ship across the border.  Most locations are good at giving discounts when you order a good quantity (ie if you get three or four guys to each order a complete set so you can order 20-25 tires).  Try the ones nearest to the border first. If you don't like the price try calling the one in Fort St. James, BC and ask for Rob.  He's a reasonable guy and if you have an order like that I'm pretty sure he'll cut you a smoking deal. Just remember the prices may be a little shocking till you convert them to American Money. And check the cost of shipping too. They should be able to drop ship them outta any store."

You can see a few photos of the 900r16 XZL and XL tires that Randy sent me as well as some other tires (such as used 1100r16 XL) on photo page five.