Manuals and Publications

The best advice I can give is to purchase the manuals for your truck. Although Portrayal Press has great reproductions of the original manuals, and a lot of dealers carry both reproduction and original manuals, the best deal in my opinion is to purchase the 3/4 ton collection on one cd from Military Media. The manuals are in PDF form and the reader is included on the disk so you can view the manuals and print out pages for use in the shop...  Portrayal Press is at: and Military Media is at:   Another good idea is to subscribe to a couple of the magazines that cater to military vehicles or to Power Wagons.

This page has a listing of the manuals that I either keep in the truck or keep handy for ongoing use and maintenance or that I used as references during the engine swap.  


Parts Catalog, 4BT3.9 (Automotive), Bulletin No. 3884252-01, copyright 1990

Operation and Maintenance Manual, B Series Engines, Bulletin No. 3810205-13, copyright 1997

Cummins Engine Company Customer Assistance 1-800-DIESELS (1-800-343-7357)

Box 3005

Columbus, IN, USA, 47202




The MVPA is the Military Vehicle Preservation Association, an international organization dedicated to the preservation of
historic military vehicles off all types and nationalities. They produce two magazines (included with membership), one has
articles of general interest, the other is a collection of classified adds. Their web site is: 

My favorite M37/Power Wagon magazine is the Power Wagon Advertiser. It is a monthly magazine edited by Gordon Maney who is a long time enthusiast. Most of the articles are contributions from folks who have the truck and cover all topics related to the repair, maintenance, and enjoyment of the trucks. Classified adds are free. The web site for the magazine is located at:   If you can only afford one magazine or membership, this would be the one.

The general purpose magazine is Military Vehicles. This magazine has just been sold for the second time in the past 24
months, but is has been a long time resource for folks who like military vehicles. The web site for the magazine is: