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In December 2003, I purchased an Air Force AMGeneral M35A2C from a friend's father-in-law down in South Carolina. 

The plan was to remove the cargo cover and troop seats in order to install a 1025 gallon poly tank and pump system so that the truck could serve as a water truck on another friend's farm in Virginia.  The truck is a dropside model with an air shift front axle, heater, and hardtop.   After having agreed to purchase this truck and convert it into a water tanker for use by a friend on his farm, I decided that I liked it too much to let it go, so I decided to purchase another M35 to convert for his use and to keep this truck

In January of 2004, I purchased a NCNG Kaiser M35A2 from a gentleman who had outbid me for the truck at a local auction, but who then had problems arranging to get the truck to his location in Louisiana.  This truck has a hard cab, but is equipped with a spague (automatic) front axle engagement and a standard bed without troop seats or bows so it is a great candidate for the role of a water truck.

This is where I will share the story of these two trucks...

Cabell Garbee