Light Bulbs

It seems that a constant thread on several message boards pertaining to M37's and such is what bulb to use in the various lights, especially when changing from the military 24 volt systems to a 12 volt system or when ordering replacement bulbs at a local parts house. 

The bulb use and parts cross numbers that I used on my truck are:

Application 12v Bulb Number 24v Bulb Number (what I had before converting)
Small bulb in front marker lights and taillights, dash lights 67 or a 97 (both work) 1251
Large bulb in taillights 1156 1683
Headlight 55-60 watt H4 70-75 watt H4
Turn signal indicator (in switch housing) 1445 313

A nice chart showing 6, 12, and 24 volt bulbs including drawings showing the base types may be found at Jeff Smith's MVPC web page.

Pete, another M37 owner, sent me a MS Excel spreadsheet with bulb information from GE.   The spreadsheet includes a lot of information such as bulb dimensions, power consumption, output, and life expectancy.  It may be downloaded from here.

Ed sent me the following note on August 4, 2004:

"My local NAPA store said I could NOT buy ONLY three "1251" light bulbs for my front instrument panel.  I had to order a box of 10!!!  NAPA's price is about $3.50 a bulb.  I was not going to pay $35 for light bulbs.  After searching the internet, low and behold, I found a source for these.  I ordered a box of 10 (yep!) from a pinball supply house in San Francisco AND the price was LESS than 2 bulbs from NAPA!!!!  $6.50 for a box of ten. (there's a small shipping charge of a couple of bucks.)  The place is Bay Area Amusements.   Ordered online Sat afternoon and they arrived in Monday's mail, here in NJ.
Their shipping was quick.   Their part number is LB-1251.  Just another source that's inexpensive.