Gen Satoh Posters
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The above image was sent to me by a fellow M37 enthusiast from Ocala, Florida.   The Japanese gentleman that does the art work for the model company sat behind him at the MVPA nationals two years ago. He spoke no English but they got along just fine. He was selling jeep and M37 posters and signing them.  His M37 poster is of his M37.   He wanted some of Bill's "O" rings so Bill gave him all he wanted and was given a signed poster.

According to the Owen's Export web site, the drawing of the above is of a B-17 Bomber shown with a GPW that was restored by Kiyoshi Shiraishi of Japan.

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The drawing above is of Gen Satoh's own restored M37B1

The posters above are for sale from Owens Export Services which is the exclusive distributor for these posters in the USA.  All posters are available in a Limited Edition personally signed by the Artist Mr. Gen Satoh of Japan